paint EVERYTHING without sanding


The history of Vernicishabby Srl begins in 1999 with the idea of Monica Malatesta, who graduated with honors in restoration from the University of Urbino and was passionate about decoration and restoration of antique furniture. Along with her partner Andrea, Monica created Vernicishabby, a company that specializes in furniture restoration, decoration, and sale of furniture and furnishings.
Initially, Monica and Andrea focused mainly on restoring furniture for individuals and antique shops. However, as market trends changed, they began experimenting with the new painting technique called “shabby chic,” using the first available chalk paint. This led to an increase in demand for furniture painted in bright and modern colors, in addition to restored furniture.
In response to the growing demand for chalk paint, Monica and Andrea decided to sell products from other manufacturers. However, the demand for personalized and high-quality products became stronger and stronger, so they decided to put their experience in the field of restoration and painting to good use by creating their own line of chalk paint with their own brand.
After several months of research and development, biancoshabby® was born, a high-quality 100% Italian chalk paint, developed with the best Italian raw materials and tested on various types of furniture to ensure maximum quality and perfect application on every surface. Thanks to the wide range of colors available and ease of use, biancoshabby® immediately became a success among lovers of furniture restoration and painting at home.
Over the years, Vernicishabby has grown and also developed the Chalk Paint Everything® brand, further expanding the range of products offered. The company has become a reference point for all those who love to restore and paint furniture at home, thanks to the quality of the products offered and continuous innovation in formula and application techniques.
Today, Vernicishabby is a leader in the production and sale of paints for hobbyists, with its two proprietary brands available throughout Europe and sold on Amazon. The company continues to grow, hiring personnel for sales and distribution of products, and the number of satisfied customers increases every month. Thanks to Italian ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, Vernicishabby Srl has found its way in the market of furniture painting and restoration, becoming a successful and reference company for enthusiasts in the industry.


Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality products and personalized service that helps them achieve the best possible results with our products. We strive to provide assistance via phone, WhatsApp, and social media channels to help our customers get the most out of our solutions. We want our customers to be able to create fantastic decorative effects on furniture, objects, and walls easily and independently, just like a professional. Additionally, we care about the environmental impact of our activities, and we have implemented measures to minimize our environmental impact and have offset our carbon dioxide emissions. Our goal is to make the entire process simple and accessible to everyone so that each individual can create shabby chic, vintage, and industrial environments perfect for their needs.


Our vision is to be the reference point for those who love shabby style and decoration in general. We are committed to creating a community of passionate people inspired by beauty and creativity. We offer high-quality products and impeccable customer service, allowing us to remain a leader in the shabby chic and decorative industry both online and offline. Additionally, we want to be a company that cares about the environment and sustainability, which is why we have implemented measures to minimize our environmental impact and offset our carbon dioxide emissions. Our vision is to continue to grow and innovate, offering our customers cutting-edge and high-quality solutions to meet every decoration need, making their shopping experience even more enjoyable, satisfying, and sustainable.